Talks of slot machines gambling ban in Hungary

slot machines

The Hungarian government wants to crack down on gambling in Hungary. The country is better known for its hot water spas than its casinos but Hungary’s government has proposed a ban on slot machines in pubs and cafes in an effort to curb gambling among Hungarians.

The prime minister’s office wants to ban slot machines outside of regulated casinos. The government is concerned that too much money is being spent on slot machines outside of regulated casinos, in bars and cafés. The new legislation would cost the government £84m in tax revenues but Hungarians who don’t leave next to a casino will always have the option to play online.

The ban on slot machines could be approved by parliament as early as next week and would then be implemented within the following weeks. It is likely that many will turn to online slot machines and live casino games at their local casinos instead.

Existing machines in bars will have to be removed and sold. If you wanted to buy slot machines to bring back home, you might be able to pick up a bargain in Hungary!